Take The SlingShot Banjo experience

Beginner & Intermediate One CD,
will help you quickly and easily play along in chords,
and then advance to playing lead Banjo.

The basis of the SlingShot method
is to give you a chance to play along with accompaniment.
I found from my initial lessons that I needed to hear a tune repeatedly,
gradually absorbing the timing, phrasing etc.

All the main elements required for good playing

With this in mind, my business partner and I decided to develop a music tutor
based on the most successful method I have found to learn and learn quickly.

The 15 tune SlingShot CD,
is designed to suit the different levels of skill from Beginner, through to Intermediate.

The music has been chosen from a variety of sources
and has been arranged, at speeds to suit the two different levels,
by Stu Williams, of Helsby, England.
The Bluegrass Capital of the World & Home of Johnny Plank.
If your passing come visit with us, everbody who's been loves it.

Having learned the basics of a song or tune, most people
find it difficult to move into an arena of other musicians and play along.
Too many distractions, not enough confidence etc.

SlingShot will assist you in overcoming these challenges.
Helping develop your timing and your skill at the same time.

Each tune is played through three times on the backing Guitar,
with the Lead Banjo playing for two of the times.
That's when you, having played along from the beginning,
take your lead break, to finish the piece out.

A SlingShot Tab book is included,
providing you with the chords, as well as the Tab for the tunes

We hope you enjoy your SlingShot© Experience.

Soon you should be playing comfortably and with confidence,
in any picking or jamming situation.

And Finally: -
Always remember it's not how good you are that counts, it's how good you want to be
and the only difference between chopping an onion and chopping a Banjo
is that people who chop Banjos don't cry!!

Good Luck from the Bluegrass Seeds team

1. Banjo in the Hollow 2. Boil the Cabbages
3. Buffalo Gals 4. Cripple Creek
5. In the Mood 6. Turkey in the Straw
7. Blackberry Blossom 8. Black Eyed Susie
9.Dixie Hoedown 10. Virginia Hornpipe
11. Old Joe Clarke 12. Groundhog
13. Old Grey Goose 14. Helsby Hoedown
15. Cumberland Gap

Arranged and performed by Stu Williams, Helsby, England.

Recorded, Engineered and Mixed at Bill Leach Studios, Runcorn, England.

Look out for the Whole Range of SlingShot Tutor CDs and booklets for Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin and Fiddle.