Wegen Picks

‘The Worlds Best Plectrums’ – the opinion of Bluegrass Seeds . These picks are hand made by Michael Wegen in The Netherlands. The choice is from Gypsy Jazz picks to Bluegrass Guitar & Mandolin picks or whatever style you play

These picks WILL make a difference to your playing.

Check out www.wegenpicks.com for all types.

These are our current prices as at March 2012

Bluegrass Picks

BG 100 £4 each

BG 120 £4 each

Mandolin Picks

M100 £5 each

M150 £ 5 each

M200 Set of 2 £12

TF120 TF140 (Chris Thile uses a TF140) £6 each

Other Various Picks

Big City Pick 1.40mm Set of 4 £15

Dipper 1.8mm Set of 2 £10

W7 £14

TW250 Set of 2 £14

TR250 Trimus Single £14

TR425 Trimus Single £14

M250 M-Series Single £14

If you wish to ORDER any picks and for full information on our stock etc e-mail us on :- info@bluegrassseeds.co.uk OR give us a ring on 01928-735817